Dec 17, 2014

2014 Bullet Journal walk through

I just recorded a short walk through of my 2014 Bullet Journal and a quick intro to my 2015 set up (which I'm already changing a bit from the video, but I'll do a complete video of it when it is done!)

Hope you enjoy it!
I'm LOVING the bullet journal!

Dec 15, 2014

Week 51 set up and review

Last week was the first full week of using the Bullet Journal with the DIYfish twist and I LOVED it.  The set up worked smooth, the layout was simple, clear, and easy to read... I just lacked the discipline to follow through.

So I reviewed my week last week and saw that, as usual, I always start strong, then as the day goes on, and the week plows on, I lose all motivation and finish with a whimper and a huge dose of "I don't care".

I don't want to be that person.
I hate being that person.

So, I try again... with a lot of prayer.

Here's to a new week, and new pages...and a new pen (which is always exciting)!
Here's my month, week, and daily plan...

And on the reverse side of my folded daily page, I have my rough schedule.  Trying to focus on building in a lot of margin but still being intentional about the important.

And on the inside of the folded daily page, I'll write my review of if I've done what I said I would do.

Week 51!

Dec 9, 2014

Bullet Journal meets DIYfish?

I LOVE my Bullet Journal and have been using it for the last year with great results. I've learned so much about myself and procrastination, and to do lists, and have loved it.

But, me being me, I'm always looking to improve or learn or do it a different way.

And then I found DIYfish on Etsy.
Her planners seem kinda hard to figure out at first glance, but I messed with making my own version and have been LOVING it.
I did my version in a binder, which was great, but I missed my Bullet Journal and the free form-iness of it.

So I thought about a way to incorporate the two as best I can, and I think I really like it!!

The thing I love about DIY fish is the way you can see the month, the week, and the day all in one glance.  I knew I needed something similar. 

I played around until I found something that worked for my brain AND my Bullet Journal!

I printed out a hand drawn calendar grid, but lined it up like DIYfish does hers, with the month going down in veritical columns, so all your Mondays are lined up on the first row, all the Tuesdays on the second and so on.  It takes a second to think about it, but it really makes sense, and lines all your Monday's up with the weekly Monday.

I taped my monthly calendar onto a blank page, so I can write monthly goals on that, and the next blank page becomes my weekly page.  For the daily pages, I fold a page in half and lay it on top of the weekly page, so I can see monthly, weekly, and daily all at one glance.

On the back half of my daily page, I have a rough daily schedule of what I'd LIKE my day to go like. That is my INTENTION for the day.  It doesn't always work that way, but having a plan, really helps me when I lose focus on stupid things.  On the inside of my daily page I write notes and use it for my daily review of how I did and answer my daily questions of: How did I feel today?  What did I do well?  If I could live today over again, what would I do differently?  And then I journal if I want to, or sketch, etc.

On the half of the weekly page that is covered by my daily half page, I have my weekly goals.  So when I'm doing my daily pages, I can pull from there.

Now the cool part is, when that month is all done, I can fold the calendar page over all the weekly and daily pages and paper clip it together and it's all bundled neatly together!

On the edge of the calendar when it's folded over, I label the month with just a simple color and letter and it's easy to see where each month is for easy referral.

I'm going to be setting up my 2015 Bullet Journal like this, and will set up each month, week, and daily page at the front of the journal, then put in my Table of Contents after the months, and use the rest of my Bullet Journal as a commonplace book.

I love it!

I don't want to steal anything from DIYfish.  Her stuff is BRILLIANT and I higly recommend all of her inserts if you're working with a binder or filofax.  I just wanted to do something similar with my Bullet Journal.

Dec 5, 2014

Prayer Binder Tutorial Part 3--Family Pages

Welcome back to my prayer journal set up. You can see the walkthrough of my binder here or here, and you can see part one here and part two here.

Part three of this tutorial is all about the family pages.  Like I mentioned in the earlier posts, there are several ways you can set these pages up.  I have a smaller family so I have just a single tab for each member.  But if you have a bigger family, there are a few options:
  1. Pray for each member individually (if you do this, you will have to adjust how long you are praying for each person--you might want to do a minute for each person, depending on how long you have for prayer.)
  2. Combine family members into one tab.  You can combine all the boys, all the girls, all the married, etc.
  3. Pray for your children under one tab for all.  Under a Children tab you can list your children each on one piece of paper and pray through the pages daily.  (If you do this, it might be hard to pray for each without allotting more time for this section... unless you plan to pray for one child on Mondays, another on Tuesdays, etc.
I have a section here for my husband and each of my boys, and added one more section labeled "Extra".

In my husband's section, I have a copy of Inspired to Action's prayer calendar for husbands... 

And I made day of the week pages for my husband, each day concentrating on a different part of his life, just like I did for myself.  I have individual pages for Monday through Friday and a combined page for Saturday/Sunday.

For him, each day/page is a different area that I'm praying for him, such as Christ follower, Husband/Marriage, Father, Brother and Son, Employee, and Leadership/Integrity.  I also have a blank page at the end of these daily pages where I can write down specific prayer requests and pray through those when they come up.

I didn't have any of the adhesive tabs when I did this page, so I made cut out tabs by cutting the Monday page in the farthest, then 2 lines higher for Tuesday, etc.  I reinforced them all by adding a piece of scotch tape and folding it to the back of each tab and they actually work really well, so I'm keeping them.

For my sons' sections, I did the same, starting off with the prayer calendar and then doing a tab for each of them.

Now, if you have multiple children there are a couple cool things you can do with these pages.  I orginally set them up so I would be praying for a different area for each son on the same day... for example, on Monday, I'll pray for my oldest as a Christ follower, my middle son for wisdom and discernment, and my youngest for his future wife and career.  I did that because I didn't want to fall into a rut as I was praying.


Then I thought if I had set the tabs up the same for each son, it would be easier to remember what I am praying for the boys that day as I go about my day.  So, for example, on Monday I could be praying for each as a follower of Christ...  you'll have to think through what would work best for you on that.  Either way is great though.

So for each son, I have similar categories and pray for them daily, with a different quality each day of the week.  Some of the areas I pray for them in are:  as a Christ follower, for wisdom and discernment, integrity, purity, as a student, future spouse and career.  I also have a blank page at the end of each section to add specific prayers to as they come up.

Now, one VERY IMPORTANT PART to constantly be writing throughout your prayer binder is


I have this written all over my prayer binder, on almost every page.  It is CRUCIAL to think through WHY you are praying this.  And if you're anything like me, you'll be floored at how this simple word changes everything you are praying.

I'm praying that the boys will be pure and righteous in their walk with Christ, then I ask WHY.  And it always stops my prayers and changes them into a conversation.  I want them to be pure and righteous because I want their lives to give glory to God in every way.  I want them to never know the pain of impure or unrighteous choices and to never waste time suffering through those consequences.

Is it right to pray this way when the Lord can work through painful and bad choices?
I DO wish them to miss those rough roads of travel on their walk through this life.  I know they won't always make the right choices, but I can definitely pray for them to!

And finally, I have my "extra" tab.  This is where I jot down people and things that need daily prayer.  I have friends, unsaved friends, urgent requests, etc here.  
So that's the third section of my prayer binder. 
Next week we'll finish up with the day of the week sections and final ending prayers.

Remember:  be kind to yourself.  Don't panic to get this all set up in a day.  Enjoy the process and add more as you go.  You'll get there!

If you have any questions on these sections, just let me know in the comments below!

Thanks, Kari

Dec 3, 2014

Challenge Care Packages for College Students

As an ongoing and direct result of the book Sticky Faith we, as a family, have "adopted" five college students from our church, friends, and family and are caring for them as much as we can.

Sticky Faith stressed how hard it can be for students, away from home and with all the huge changes and how alone so many of them feel.  So we've adopted them and designated part of our giving budget to minister to these students. 

At first I was kind of overwhelmed and didn't know where to really start.  So I talked to their moms and family and found out some of their likes, favorite treats, etc.


Because we're who we are... and I'm kind of a dork... I couldn't just send the normal care packages.

I have to do EXTREME care packages once in a while.

We call them CHALLENGE CARE PACKAGES, and they are a TON of fun.

The first Challenge Care Package was all about encouraging our adopted students to get to know someone from school a bit better,

 with a touch of awkward, 

and maybe a pinch of embarrassing.

I went to the dollar store and bought two place settings for each of the Challenge Care Packages.

They include:

plastic "silverware", plastic "crystal goblets", battery operated tea lights, silver plates, and a white plastic table cloth.

With all those fancy accoutrements we also included instructions and a $10 gift card to none other than Taco Bell.  Because I know you think FANCY when you think of the Bell.

We enclosed the following letter with the gift card... 

and then we waited.

And the pictures we got back were worth all the effort!

Both challenges were accepted and MET!

In fact, one of our students got an invitation to do it again at a grand opening for another Taco Bell near her school!

Because of the higher cost of these Challenge Care Packages, we only do them once every couple months, but it is worth it!

So now I have a challenge for you:

Adopt a college student of your own and send cards, letters, coffee cards, and occasionally a Challenge Care Package.  Think of the difference you can make in the life of one college student, who may be struggling,
thinking of walking away from church,
or maybe someone who doesn't even know Christ.
Start to form a relationship and share your life with someone who might otherwise be forgotten.

We have a lot more ideas for these fun packages, so adopt your student soon and I'll keep you posted on our new challenges!

Nov 24, 2014

Prayer Binder Tutorial Part Two--The first five sections

After you have gathered your supplies from Step One,  it is now time to set up the first five tabs of your new prayer binder.

But first... the most crucial part:  Be Kind to Yourself.

Enjoy the process.  
Don't feel stressed that you have to get the whole thing set up TODAY.  
Work on just ONE section at a time.  
You've been this long without this binder, a few more weeks won't make a difference.

Take a deep breath, and let's dive in.

Nov 16, 2014

When Queens Ride By... repost

This story is truly one that has stuck with me for years.  There is not one year that goes by that I don't find myself thinking of Jennie Musgrave and her tattered and frazzled home and heart.

Written in 1888 by Alice Sligh Turnbull, it is shockingly similar to life today over one hundred years later.

Please print it off and read it at least once a month, or when you feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and unsure what you need to do next.

Get a coffee or tea, print this off, and enjoy.

Rambo Apple

(P.S. Thank you, Kira, for reminding me that this post was buried in my blog!)

Nov 12, 2014

Prayer Binder Tutorial, Part 1--GETTING STARTED

Setting up your prayer binder starts with gathering all the items!

Like I said in my earlier posts, I LOVE the small half sized binder.  The smaller size makes it easy to carry with my Bible and it's just so practical for me.

How I set up my Prayer binder started with this amazing 
combined with the wisdom gleaned from the very practical book

Nov 10, 2014

Video Walk through of my Prayer Binder

I got a lot of questions on how I actually USE my prayer binder, so I put together a short video for you of using it tab by tab. 

I really hope this helps clarify things because I REALLY hate making videos of me!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or send me an email from the spot in the sidebar.

I will be putting together a tab-by-tab tutorial for the prayer binder too.

All the items I mentioned in this video are linked to in the information section on YouTube.


(if you are viewing this through email, click here to see the full video)

Nov 7, 2014

DVD review--Journey to Jesus

I recently asked to receive the new DVD Curriculum Journey to Jesus from Tyndale House for a review.  I was interested to laern more about building friendships with Muslims and the differences in my faith and Islam.

Nov 6, 2014

Around the web this week

These blog posts either inspired me this week, encouraged me, or made me think differently about something.

Hope they do the same for you!

Weekly Questions for your Marriage ---> Great questions to ask your spouse, if you are organized enough to have a weekly meeting/walk/date.  I really need to do better here!

Take a Planning/Prayer Break --->  This blogger (who appears to be on a blogging break right now) takes weekly breaks/retreats. While that would be AMAZING, even a monthly break would be awesome.

Planning Retreat Questions --> Some printables and questions for you to think over when you do get to schedule that planning retreat.

Morning Questions  ---> Three great questions to ask each morning. Writing these down in my planner!

The New Greed ---> Some great thoughts on the new greed of technology in our lives. Very convicting! (As I ironically sit here on my computer, sharing the article.)

"Whatever we do for ourself, 
is what we are giving to our family."
 -Mia Redrick

Nov 5, 2014

A walk through my prayer binder

I have always STUNK at prayer.
Prayer time was asking time.
My personal shopping list for God time.
If I had the time.
...and most of the time, I didn't.

I read books.  
"Just pray" they'd say.

I wrote in about 20 different notebooks/binders/composition notebooks.

I've tried different techniques from business card sized notes to store in page protectors (not enough room to write, too much to look at at once), to 3x5 cards in a filing system type of organization (closer, but not very portable or easy to write in).