Nov 24, 2014

Prayer Binder Tutorial Part Two--The first five sections

After you have gathered your supplies from Step One,  it is now time to set up the first five tabs of your new prayer binder.

But first... the most crucial part:  Be Kind to Yourself.

Enjoy the process.  
Don't feel stressed that you have to get the whole thing set up TODAY.  
Work on just ONE section at a time.  
You've been this long without this binder, a few more weeks won't make a difference.

Take a deep breath, and let's dive in.

Nov 16, 2014

When Queens Ride By... repost

This story is truly one that has stuck with me for years.  There is not one year that goes by that I don't find myself thinking of Jennie Musgrave and her tattered and frazzled home and heart.

Written in 1888 by Alice Sligh Turnbull, it is shockingly similar to life today over one hundred years later.

Please print it off and read it at least once a month, or when you feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and unsure what you need to do next.

Get a coffee or tea, print this off, and enjoy.

Rambo Apple

(P.S. Thank you, Kira, for reminding me that this post was buried in my blog!)

Nov 12, 2014

Prayer Binder Tutorial, Part 1--GETTING STARTED

Setting up your prayer binder starts with gathering all the items!

Like I said in my earlier posts, I LOVE the small half sized binder.  The smaller size makes it easy to carry with my Bible and it's just so practical for me.

How I set up my Prayer binder started with this amazing 
combined with the wisdom gleaned from the very practical book

Nov 10, 2014

Video Walk through of my Prayer Binder

I got a lot of questions on how I actually USE my prayer binder, so I put together a short video for you of using it tab by tab. 

I really hope this helps clarify things because I REALLY hate making videos of me!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments or send me an email from the spot in the sidebar.

I will be putting together a tab-by-tab tutorial for the prayer binder too.

All the items I mentioned in this video are linked to in the information section on YouTube.


(if you are viewing this through email, click here to see the full video)

Nov 7, 2014

DVD review--Journey to Jesus

I recently asked to receive the new DVD Curriculum Journey to Jesus from Tyndale House for a review.  I was interested to laern more about building friendships with Muslims and the differences in my faith and Islam.

Nov 6, 2014

Around the web this week

These blog posts either inspired me this week, encouraged me, or made me think differently about something.

Hope they do the same for you!

Weekly Questions for your Marriage ---> Great questions to ask your spouse, if you are organized enough to have a weekly meeting/walk/date.  I really need to do better here!

Take a Planning/Prayer Break --->  This blogger (who appears to be on a blogging break right now) takes weekly breaks/retreats. While that would be AMAZING, even a monthly break would be awesome.

Planning Retreat Questions --> Some printables and questions for you to think over when you do get to schedule that planning retreat.

Morning Questions  ---> Three great questions to ask each morning. Writing these down in my planner!

The New Greed ---> Some great thoughts on the new greed of technology in our lives. Very convicting! (As I ironically sit here on my computer, sharing the article.)

"Whatever we do for ourself, 
is what we are giving to our family."
 -Mia Redrick

Nov 5, 2014

A walk through my prayer binder

I have always STUNK at prayer.
Prayer time was asking time.
My personal shopping list for God time.
If I had the time.
...and most of the time, I didn't.

I read books.  
"Just pray" they'd say.

I wrote in about 20 different notebooks/binders/composition notebooks.

I've tried different techniques from business card sized notes to store in page protectors (not enough room to write, too much to look at at once), to 3x5 cards in a filing system type of organization (closer, but not very portable or easy to write in).

Nov 3, 2014

30 days of Reflection challenge

In today's busy, constantly on, running to and from, clicking and watching world, I rarely take the time to dive deep into my thoughts and truly reflect.

If I am not intentional about pausing and thinking, I get carried along with the tide of life and end another day without really engaging my brain in interesting or thoughtful ways.

So, as a challenge for you and me, I'm going to be journaling through these questions this month.  I'm not necessarily going to write a paragraph or page, some will be short one or two word answers... but let's think through some of this stuff and stop for a few short minutes each day to really think.

Better yet, get a friend and email or text your answers to each other to build each other up and hold each other accountable... and you'll also help husbands and family members who might need ideas for Christmas or birthdays!

You can get a printable PDF format of the reflection questions here.

Oct 27, 2014

Bullet Journal review and plan--Oct 27th

Last week I got sick mid-week with an energy sapping cold... so most of my bullet journal items are now migrated to this week.  

And that is OKAY.

Sick happens and I'm really fine with watching ten episodes of Pioneer Woman on Netflix.  What I'm not fine with is the fact that I've drifted, yet again, from being super intentional with my mornings and totally slacking on my afternoons.

Oct 24, 2014

Stupid, Scary, Brave Things (and how to do them)

About three months ago, I pushed down hesitantly on that right mouse button and clicked "SEND" on one of the scariest emails I'd ever sent.

I asked THE Jon Acuff if he would let me write my words on HIS blog. 

If you don't know Jon Acuff, he is the awesome author of two best selling books and the hilarious writer of the Stuff Christians Like blog.  He is the REAL DEAL.  Look him up because EVERYONE can use extra laughter in their day and then a kick in the rear to get your hustle on and do something amazing with your life.

The funny thing is, because of his book START and because of his online Facebook group, 30 days of Hustle, he pretty much asked me to try this.

After a few weeks I forgot about that scary click of the button, until I heard from Jon.  

And he said YES.

Today, my words are all over his blog and you can read them right here:

He titled it "7 ways to do more of everything."

But really it was me, afraid, trying something impossible.
Because honestly, you never know what will happen if you don't try.
Be stupid enough to try.
Scare yourself.
Be brave.

Oct 20, 2014

What's in my Bible Journal?

I am almost through my second Bible journal since I first started doing this in October 2011!

Three years later and I'm still loving both my journals.  My first one was a composition notebook, because it was handy, cheap, and I wasn't sure I'd really stick with it.  It is much worn and loved.  My second is a 8.5 x 11 bound Canson Sketch book with 65 lb paper (a nice weight that minimizes bleed through).  There are only a small handful of pages left in that second journal, so I thought I'd give you an update on what is working, what I've changed and what I have in it.

All the information on the first journal is found in this post here.

And the new one is on the bottom, just as worn, just as loved.

Oct 19, 2014

Book Review--How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare

I chose to receive a copy of Ken Ludwig's "How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare" primarily because I know next to nothing about Shakespeare, and I wanted to see if I could still manage to teach them Shakespeare while learning about his works myself.