Mar 3, 2014

Book Review -- In the Land of Blue Burqas

I just finished an excellent book by Kate McCord, In the Land of Blue Burqas that I got for free to review.  It was a BLESSING!

This book was a fascinating look at the life of women (and men, and children) in Afghanistan.  The author lived there for 5 years and worked, visited, prayed, cried, and laughed with Afghan women.  The unbelievable hardships they endure are heartbreaking, but the wisdom and grace the author uses to turn the conversations to Jesus are amazing.

The author learned their language and their culture and adopted their love of stories to teach as Jesus taught, and to show them that Jesus is a God of love (a word they never use to describe Allah).  

My husband and sons and I had a lot of deep conversations about their culture-- why they would read a book most can't even understand,  and base so much of their faith that is supposed to represent peace, on violence.  Real and thought provoking and it made us really think through how so much of life is different for each of us depending on how we are raised.

  For example, my husband couldn't understand WHY the men never question the violence, why it is just the way it is.  If someone appears to be influencing them away from Islam, they admit that they are to kill the person or influence.  That was a point hard for us to understand... but then again, we are raised and taught in America to question everything, to think through and figure things out, and not believe everything we hear.  When someone is raised to NOT question, to NOT understand, to just OBEY, it leads to a very different mindset.

I really loved this book, not just for the narrative and personal stories, but for the wisdom and love the author used to teach Afghans about Jesus.  

This is one of those books that will forever be in my heart.

Definitely DEFINITELY worth buying and sharing.